Blue Mail – Best Email Client For Android with Multi Accounts

BlueMail Techrounder

TechRounder has great things to say about BlueMail, even calling it the “Best email client for Android…”.

Handling multiple email accounts in with different email client will be a difficult task. It is better to keep all the emails whether it is your personal email or your work email at one place. Most of the android users are looking for application to manage all the emails at one place.

With BlueMail’s Unified Inbox, handling many accounts from several different providers is as simple as tapping “Unified”. Quickly get an overview of all of your inboxes without the need to shuffle through each one.

One other feature of this application is that you can switch to different email account to see all the emails, as well as there is a unified tab in it in which you can see all the emails together there. Each email account can be distinguished with a unique colour also, to identify which email belongs to which account and all.

Whether you’re a fan of red, green, or pink, with BlueMail, quickly identifying your email accounts is easy. And since the color disc also indicates the read or unread status of an email, with just a glance, you know exactly what is happening in your inbox. Learn about changing the account colors in your BlueMail inbox.

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