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People-Centric Mailbox

With the people-centric mailbox, you can focus your attention on emails from only people at the flip of a switch by using People Mode. BlueMail’s navigation picker helps you access any account: IMAP, Exchange or POP3 in a breeze. Each account can be identified by a service provider avatar. We are all about making mobile email work for people, again.

BlueMail Cluster

Clusters – Productivity Perfected

By smoothly organizing your emails into people, groups, and services, clusters change how you see your email. For each cluster, you can see all emails in a single expanding slot. BlueMail aggregates your emails for you by providing the full context at your fingertips. Clusters refine email productivity.

Groups Made Easy

BlueMail allows you to quickly send emails to a group of members without inserting all names individually or for a corporate’s IT to define each and every group. And by combining clusters with groups, you simply press the avatar assigned to each email on the left to immediately see emails from a group.

BlueMail Group

Flat or Material. Stylish and Modern.

With a wide range of visual customizations, from flat to material design, swipe actions and menus, action bars and buttons, colors and themes – BlueMail delivers a stunning UI. Whether you go Pink or Blue. Go BlueMail.


BlueMail. Anywhere. Any Device.

At the office, at home, or at the gym; your free email app, BlueMail, gives you the right tools to manage your life, on all of the most suitable devices. Whether Android or iOS, tablets in portrait or landscape mode, to even Android Wear or Apple Watch, BlueMail has you covered. Windows and Mac desktop clients are coming soon.