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And so much more!

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BlueMail Visually Appealing

Visually Appealing

With Flat or Material designs, there’s plenty to like and more to love.

BlueMail Aliases

Handle alternate email addresses pointing to your existing email account

BlueMail Any Protocol

Any Protocol

Support for IMAP, Exchange, ActiveSync & POP3

BlueMail Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts

Sync multiple accounts from all providers in a Unified Interface

BlueMail Unread Count

Unread Count

See how many unread emails you have on the icon

BlueMail Usable Offline

Usable Offline

With days to synchronize option – customized your offline needs

BlueMail Scrollable & Unread Widgets

Scrollable & Unread Widgets

Access your emails inbox at a glance from your home screen

BlueMail Android Wear & Apple Watch

Android Wear & Apple Watch

Intelligent email on your wrist and any other wearable devices

BlueMail Quick Filters

Quick Filters

Easily filter emails by unread / starred

BlueMail Encryption and Security

Your data is safe and secure using industry leading features

BlueMail Any Device

Any Device

Android or iOS phones, phablets or tablets

BlueMail Dynamic Smart Conversations

Dynamic Smart Conversations

Have a full visibility to the thread of linked emails

BlueMail Devices: Windows, Android, iOS, Gear, and iWatch