Generative Email AI

BlueMail GemAI is an email assistant that can help you use emails faster and more efficiently. BlueMail GemAI is powered by ChatGPT to streamline your email workflow and increase your productivity. Whether you're a busy professional or just looking to optimize your communication, artificial intelligence is the perfect solution for you.

Integrated Calendar

Access your Calendar and plan events right from within BlueMail. Your Calendar is automatically synced and updated across all your devices on the fly.

Instant Push

BlueMail intelligently pushes your emails so they arrive to your device at instantaneous speeds saving valuable time.

Unified Folders

Emails from all your accounts are combined and displayed in unique folders so you can view and perform actions on multiple accounts at the same time.


Dynamically and smartly organize your Inbox by sender & group, elegantly bringing together emails from People, Groups, and Services to declutter your mailbox.

Unlimited accounts. Any Protocol

BlueMail is capable of managing an unlimited number of accounts from practically every provider and supports the IMAP, SMTP, Exchange ActiveSync, EWS, and POP3 protocols.


Backup, restore, and securely transfer your accounts and settings between all your devices. It’s a breeze to set up BlueMail on a new device or keep several existing devices in sync.

Later Board

Stay on top of your mailbox with a task board for your emails. Mark emails to “Read” or “Reply Later,” and Get Stuff Done at your convenience.

People - Centric

Email is all about communication and bringing people together. Simply flip a switch to feature emails from people at the center of your mailbox.

Privacy & Security

At BlueMail, the privacy and security of our users is a top priority. Our state-of-the-art technological architecture allows us to deliver safer top-tier email and calendar services for you and your organization, while still providing a great user experience throughout.

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