BlueMail Features Instant Push

Instant Push

BlueMail intelligently pushes your emails so they arrive into your device at instantaneous speeds saving you valuable time. With BlueMail’s simplicity in configuring your accounts, receiving your emails has never been faster or more intuitive. We believe we have come up with the best possible solution to this challenge both in terms of user experience and data safety on all platfroms including on mobile and desktop.

Instant Push Architecture

At BlueMail, the security and privacy of our users is a top priority. We strongly believe all of our users own their information and we never store emails or sell any user data. Our state-of-the-art technological architecture allows us to deliver safer industry-leading email solutions and calendar services for you and your entire organization.

We invest a lot of effort in developing the best email solutions for individuals and businesses, with a special emphasis on privacy, reliability, efficiency and security. In addition, we always strive to provide a great experience to all of our users. These are just some of the reasons why professionals prefer BlueMail over other email solutions.

BlueMail for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux work by connecting directly to your email provider. We believe that transmitting emails directly between BlueMail and your email provider is the best way to keep your email data secure. Designing BlueMail to work this way was achieved using a unique architectural approach that enables us to provide excellent service while protecting your privacy.

Our Secure Push Proxy

In addition, we offer an optional mobile secure push proxy OAuth supported email accounts on Android, or IMAP and Exchange email accounts on iOS. This proxy serves as a secure pipeline between the email server and your BlueMail mobile app.

In order to reduce battery consumption, Apple iOS devices limit an app’s background connectivity. While this helps to improve battery performance, it prevents BlueMail for iOS from maintaining a direct connection between your device and email server.

Since it’s not possible to keep a direct open connection on your iOS device, BlueMail offers a way to deliver instant push notifications when a new email arrives in your server mailbox. In order to receive this instant push notification, a continuous connection is needed, which we provide through our push proxy. You also have the option to choose other sync modes such as Fetch or Manual, which don’t require the push proxy at any time.

The push proxy is a secure service that delivers notifications from your email service provider to your device’s platform-specific push service. BlueMail’s push proxy receives email headers from the server and transmits them to your device’s push service in no more than 1 to 2 seconds. Push email headers are automatically and completely deleted after they’re transmitted and are never stored at any time.

The BlueMail push proxy’s sole purpose is to enhance the email experience and deliver instant notifications to your device when a direct connection from the app is not possible. This means we never use the information for any other purpose.

And for added security, the BlueMail app on your devices uses OAuth 2.0 where applicable and has no access to your account password. Instead, it uses a token provided by the email provider to connect to the email server while keeping your information secure.

If you have any question or comment, feel free to keep in touch with our team to learn more about BlueMail’s highly secured solution.