Multiple Accounts from multiple providers

With BlueMail you can combine multiple accounts from multiple providers into a single view. You can access each separately or use the Unified Inbox to manage all from one place. Consolidation has never been easier. Pretty convenient.

Multiple accounts


With the Unified Inbox, syncing many accounts from many providers is not only simple, setting up is a snap. BlueMail automatically adds and configures your IMAP, POP3, & Exchange accounts while also enabling you to manage all your email accounts from one place.

All in one

Unified Special Folders

Unified folders are not confined to Inbox. BlueMail automatically displays the relevant special Unified Folders such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Trash, Spam, Outbox, and Archive. And you have the ability to view and perform actions on multiple accounts while in one view. It’s that easy.

Special folderspecial folder mobile