A true Cross Platform experience

Bring BlueMail with you, wherever you go.

always with you

BlueMail is a cross-platform email client meaning our email works consistently across your devices and platforms. You’ll have all of your emails in one unified inbox, seamlessly integrated in one convenient place. We can handle any number of accounts from any email provider, all while providing you with a variety of features that optimize your overall experience with BlueMail.

Choose where you want to work

With BlueMail, you have the freedom to work anywhere and when it's best for you. You can start an email from your workplace PC, review it in-transit, and finalize it when you get home. It's that simple to pickup from where you left off.

Your everything email

We strive every day to perfect your email and user experience. Our features make managing your account simple, and we constantly work to improve those features. With everything you need to be at the top of your game, we are proud to be your everything email.

And Spread the Magic

With MagicSync, you can backup, restore, and securely transfer your accounts and settings between all your devices. It’s a breeze to set up BlueMail on a new device or keep several existing devices in sync.

Any Device Anywhere

With support for every account, device, and platform, BlueMail is always at your service.