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At BlueMail, the security and privacy of our users is a top priority and we are fully transparent about our practices. We strongly believe that only you should control your data and we never store emails or sell any of your data.


Our commitment to Security, Privacy, Compliance & Transparency

We invest a lot of effort in developing the best email solutions for individuals and businesses, with a special emphasis on privacy, reliability, efficiency, and security. Our state-of-the-art technological architecture allows us to deliver safer top-tier email and calendar services for you and your organization, while still providing a great user experience throughout.

When you choose BlueMail, you not only choose an industry leading email communication software, but you choose a company who genuinely cares about your privacy and the protection of your data.
Learn more below about our security and data protection measures
A Secure Authorization Protocol for All Major Providers

When adding your account, BlueMail uses highly private and secure authentication protocols and does not have access to your account password at any time.


Connect directly
Connect Directly to Your Email Provider
Emails are not stored on our servers

Emails are directly synced between the BlueMail app and your email provider. For mobile devices only, you can opt in to receive push notifications via our secure push proxy. At any rate, your emails are never stored on BlueMail’s servers.

Securing your communication channel

BlueMail utilizes industry leading security protocols to exchange emails on a 2-way encrypted channel.


Tracking Prevention
Block All Tracking images

BlueMail by default attempts to block all intrusive email trackers, including tracking pixels to prevent your personal data from being exposed to email marketing services and spammers.

Combine digital signatures and email encryption to create an end-to-end secure layer

Use S/MIME on BlueMail to digitally sign, encrypt and verify emails, preventing unauthorized access to the content of your emails.



Plain Text

Plain Text

Recipient`s Public Key

Public Key

Encrypted Email


Recipient`s Private Key

Private Key

Plain Text

Plain Text



Minimal data collection

BlueMail always aspires to process the least amount of data possible from you, while creating a powerful, sleek and intuitive experience. We strongly believe privacy and security are a top priority. BlueMail is 100% safe - emails are not stored on our cloud and users' data is never sold.

More Security Features
The Block List
BlueMail’s Spam Management Tool
Lock Screen
Safeguard your device with a passcode or fingerprint security
A Secure Backup and Sync of Your Account Data
Private Notifications
Secure and Customizable Notifications

Have a security related question or issue?

If you believe you have found a security vulnerability on BlueMail, we encourage you to get in touch with our security team right away.

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