BlueMail Security
Security and privacy at BlueMail is a top priority and our team maintains the highest levels of security standards, encryptions, and authorizations to keep your accounts, emails, and chats secure.
Security Highlights
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BlueMail uses SSL and STARTTLS enforcing certificate check by default.
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BlueMail offers a secure Lock Screen feature, that utilizing passcode or fingerprint security
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OAuth Connections
BlueMail uses the secure OAuth2 authorization protocol wherever possible for providers such as Gmail, Google Suite, Office365, and Yahoo, to access your account with a token only.
backup security
Account Backup & Recovery
BlueMail’s Secure Account Backup and Recovery tool can really help you out when your phone gets lost or you simply want to upgrade to another device.
Protection of Your Data (EU GDPR Compliant)
We’re committed to partnering with our Customers and Users to help them understand and prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Besides strengthening and standardizing user data privacy across the EU nations, it will require new or additional obligations on all organizations that handle EU citizens’ personal data, regardless of where the organizations themselves are located.
Have a security related question or issue?
If you believe you have found a security vulnerability on BlueMail, we encourage
you to get in touch with our security team right away.

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