BlueMail Not All Email Apps Are Created Equal - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Not All Email Apps Are Created Equal - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

At BlueMail, we consider it part of our mission to streamline your communication experience. Your time matters to us and our user experience reflects that. We believe that checking your email should be simple and stress free. As such, at BlueMail, you’ll never have to worry about ads interfering with your use of BlueMail features or when simply accessing your emails.

Ads Are Rolling Out Your Favorite Apps

Many of your favorite apps already include ads as part of the user experience and some companies like Apple, are considering to expand ads even more across their native apps. Services including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube feature targeted ads and most of the popular email providers and apps (including Gmail and Outlook) display ads continuously throughout their web and native platforms. Even Outlook has hidden ads amongst your emails.

We believe in keeping your email experience clean and smooth. Checking your email shouldn’t require you to scroll through endless ads, taking away from your productivity and overall user experience. Rest assured, BlueMail does not prioritize ads over your email.


Are All Ads Really Bad?

Your data is valuable, and companies know that and use it as a stream of revenue for their services. Since companies collect and share your data in a variety of ways, you might not even realize that by simply visiting a new website or downloading a new app, you are sharing data. Once this connection is made, your data is used to optimize the ads you see on various other platforms.

Let’s take a look at the different types of ads and bad practices that other services and applications do with your data:

  • Non-Personalized Ads - Targeted ads not based on prior personal behavior. They are based on more general data such as your city or country.

  • Personalized Ads - Targeted ads based on your prior behavior on the web. Either a website/service you visited online or an app you downloaded has shared you data and/or interests so you can be better targeted by advertisers.

  • Selling your data - Some email platforms and other services sell your data with other companies to be used in a number of different ways (email marketing, advertisements, improving their service by obtaining more data, etc). This is quite frankly, the worst.

Now, let’s compare this to BlueMail’s unique approach below.

BlueMail Protects Your Data & Privacy

BlueMail protects you and your data by not supporting any of the bad practices listed above, and instead relies on a stream of revenue from our Premium Services, while keeping our BlueMail application completely free of ads. We do not share your data and unlike other companies, we do not sell your information.

We invest a lot of effort in developing the best email solutions for individuals and businesses, with a special emphasis on privacy, reliability, efficiency, and security. Our state-of-the-art technological architecture allows us to deliver safer top-tier email and calendar services for you and your organization, while still providing a great user experience throughout.

What You Can Do to Combat Ads

Now, knowing the above, you’re probably wondering, “What can I do to prevent other apps from getting and sharing my data?”

For starters, research every app you download to check what types of data they take from you and share. Read their privacy policy and terms of conditions carefully. Look out for any unusual popups asking for your consent to share data and pay attention to the fine print. These tips will get you very far in understanding what kind of app or company you are dealing with and whether their practices are acceptable to you.

In Summary

So if you find yourself frustrated by your email app options and concerned over what other companies might be doing with your data, come see what we're doing differently at BlueMail. When you choose BlueMail, you not only choose an industry leading email communication software, but you choose a company who genuinely cares about your privacy and the protection of your data.

Download BlueMail today, and never look back.