BlueMail Later Board

Later Board

Manage your own inbox with Later Board

Don’t have time to deal with a specific email right now? BlueMail's Later Board feature lets you turn your emails into actionable tasks so you can manage your inbox more efficiently.

With the Later Board, you have the option to read an email right away or to postpone it for future handling. If you need to hold off on reading a particular email, all you have to do is select “Read Today” or “Read Later” from a drop down menu.

Selecting “Read Later” allows you to choose from a variety of options such as Later Today, This Evening, or In a Week, or to set a specific date and time on your calendar. You’ll receive alerts before and after the designated time has elapsed, and you can either accept them or hit Snooze if you need a little more time.

You can also write personal notes on the email using the Later Notes function to help you remember what the email is about or what action needs to be taken on it.

And there’s more! Later Board gives you the ability to turn your emails into tasks to help you keep track of them and ensure you complete them on time. It lets you move your emails onto a virtual bulletin board and organize them in Today, Later, or Done columns. It also gives you the option to add custom columns if you choose. Once emails are added to the Later Board, you can easily move them from one column to another.

What if you move an item to the Later Board and then realize you need to answer the email now? If that happens, simply drag the item to the “Cancel Later” option and the email will be returned to your inbox immediately. You can also use this drag and drop feature to move an email to your Archive folder, or to the Done column after you’ve responded to it. Once you move an item to the Done column, the email will appear back in your inbox labeled as Done.

On top of these features, Later Board works on both desktop and mobile devices so that you can get your work done quickly and efficiently both at home and on the go.