BlueMail Staying Productive on the go with BlueMail’s MagicSync

Staying Productive on the go with BlueMail’s MagicSync

Gone are the days of strict 9-5 office work as considerably more companies tout flexibility by offering various hybrid and remote options. If you enjoy the versatility of working from various locations, then you know the initial setup process can be very daunting!

How easy is it really to access your email accounts, contacts, and calendars when you’re switching between home and work devices or setting up a new device? To stay productive on the go, you must first tackle this challenge head-on.

Let’s talk about MagicSync

Recently, we introduced MagicSync, a BlueMail exclusive feature that allows you to conveniently and securely import and sync all your email accounts with any device you choose in two easy steps. Once your accounts are synced, your supported contacts and calendars are instantly added alongside, and any future updates you make to your settings automatically apply to all devices.

MagicSync simplifies the sign-in process, so you won’t have to struggle with adding accounts to your office computer or mobile device again.

Boosting Productivity with MagicSync

So how exactly does MagicSync translate into productivity and overall work success? Well, for starters, MagicSync brings you greater efficiency, improved collaboration, and pure comfort, which all together enhance your work environment.

Efficiency: Having quick access to all your email accounts on any device means you can swiftly setup your workspace and resume your tasks whether en route on a plane, arriving to a new office, or lying in a hammock at the beach. 😉

Collaboration: Teamwork is vital to all businesses because it fuels incredible new ideas and strengthens camaraderie. With the convenience of taking work anywhere, you now have many more opportunities to collaborate with people outside of your office-based space both in-person and remotely.

Comfort: MagicSync provides relief in knowing that your data is secured and fine-tuned to meet your needs. Be reassured that no matter where you are, you can open up a new device and have all your accounts and preferences available to you within seconds.

Productivity, happiness, and work-life balance

With MagicSync taking the “setup” process out of the equation, you can now comfortably manage your day-to-day work schedule along with your personal needs, giving you the ability to achieve work-life balance and happiness.

Recent studies show that when you are happy, you’re more motivated to be productive and vice versa, and at BlueMail we constantly strive to keep you both happy and productive by providing you with the most simple and intuitive email communication platform on the planet. So, let’s work smart, not hard by utilizing MagicSync to support both your productivity and self-care needs!