BlueMail The Power of Mentions

The Power of Mentions

At BlueMail, we are always looking for ways to make your email experience better. That's why we've introduced Mentions, a feature designed to streamline your email communication.

What are Mentions?

Mentions is a feature that lets you tag someone directly in an email. It's as simple as typing the "@" sign followed by the person's name. This feature is conveniently located in the Compose screen, making it easy to use. Mentions are designed to take your emails to the next level, making sure you keep up with important conversations and people.


Hi team, @Michael, please update us on the project status.

With Mentions, you'll be immediately notified when something important comes up. This feature is especially useful for teams who need to stay on top of work-related information and updates .

Mentions Improves Your Workflow

We've all been there – scrolling through endless emails looking for specific tasks or mentions. Mentions simplifies this by allowing you to quickly find emails where you've been tagged. This means less time searching and more time doing. Mentions help you stay on top of your tasks and work efficiently.

How Mentions Can Help Your Team

In a team setting, communication is key. Mentions make it easy to direct a message to a specific person or group within a larger email conversation. This ensures that the right people see the important parts of your message without having to sift through everything. By providing a targeted approach to communication, Mentions help reduce clutter and enhance focus on important tasks and messages.

Stay Informed with Mentions

One of the best things about Mentions is that it keeps you in the loop. Whenever you're mentioned in an email, you'll get a notification. This means you won't miss out on anything important – whether it's a task assigned to you, a question, or just a crucial piece of information.