BlueMail Block Pixel Tracking

Block Pixel Tracking

BlueMail’s approach to blocking intrusive email trackers

At BlueMail, we’re committed to safeguarding your privacy and security at all times. To that end, BlueMail by default attempts to block all intrusive email trackers, including tracking pixels.

What are tracking pixels?

Tracking pixels are a nefarious little tool used by certain companies and marketing agencies to track and record the behavior of people after they’ve opened an email.

A tracking pixel usually take the form of a 1 x 1 pixel graphic that is embedded in the header and footer of an email and most times cannot even be seen at all. This often results in users being tracked without their knowledge.

To prevent this from happening, BlueMail automatically attempts to block tracking pixels and other forms of email trackers. Preventing image trackers from displaying is a quick and easy way that BlueMail protects you and your data.

How to block email trackers?

When you open an email that contains tracking images, you’ll see a notification in the header of the email that reads “tracking image blocked”. You’ll also see a message that says “tracking images were detected” as well as an option to download all images.

You can then either view the email without tracking images or download all of the email images if you so choose. With this safety feature enabled, loading images in your email may require an extra tap or click for you to view them.

When you use BlueMail, you never have to worry about being tracked without your knowledge. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that your privacy and security is our top priority and we take every effort to ensure your data is protected.