Private Notifications

Designed to keep your sensitive information away from prying eyes, this feature ensures that your notifications remain for your eyes only. BlueMail's "Private Notifications" not only offer top-notch encryption but also the flexibility to choose how you receive your information. Understanding each mode helps you make the best choice for your privacy needs.

Private Notifications



Encrypted Notifications

Notifications arrive encrypted on your device, making them unreadable to anyone but you.


Privacy on Display

Notifications are hidden until you actively open them. This means no more over-the-shoulder snooping!


Customizable Settings

Choose how much or how little notification information is displayed on your lock screen.

Customizable Notification Modes

BlueMail's "Private Notifications" feature offers three distinct modes, each providing a different level of privacy and encryption. Tailor your notification experience to suit your needs and comfort.

Full ModeEncrypted Modes

Full Preview Mode

How It Works?

Receive fully detailed notifications, all while keeping the content encrypted and secure.

Ideal Usage

Perfect for secure environments where you need complete information at your fingertips.

Sender Only ModeEncrypted Modes

Sender Only Mode

How It Works?

This mode displays only the sender's name, keeping both the subject and the body of the message encrypted and hidden.

Ideal Usage

Perfect for when you need to know who is contacting you without revealing any content of the message, maintaining a high level of privacy.

No Details ModeEncrypted Modes

Hidden Mode

How It Works?

Achieve maximum discretion. Notifications show no content details, ensuring complete privacy.

Ideal Usage

Essential for high-security situations or public environments where privacy is a priority.