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BlueMail Security

Security and privacy in BlueMail is a top priority and our team maintains the highest levels of security standards, encryptions, and authorizations to keep your accounts and emails secure.

Industry Leading Security
BlueMail takes your security and privacy seriously by utilizing industry leading encryption such as SSL and STARTTLS. You can rest easy knowing your data is always encrypted to protect all your email communications and keep your information private.

Secure OAuth Connections
BlueMail uses the secure OAuth2 authorization protocol wherever possible for providers such as Gmail, Google Suite, Office365, and Yahoo, to access your account with a token only, without ever having to enter your password.

Security Features within BlueMail
BlueMail offers a secure Lock Screen feature, that utilizing passcode or fingerprint security, ensuring that your emails will remain safe even if you were to lose your device or hand it off to another person. Choose to have the lock screen display immediately after opening or after a few minutes, always knowing that BlueMail Security will activate and protect your valuable information.

Secure Account Backup and Desaster Recovery
BlueMail’s Secure Account Backup and Recovery tool can really help you out when your phone gets lost or you simply want to upgrade to another device. We securely backup your account configuration and sync this on to your new device using secure 2 step authentication making it really easy to get your account back up and running on a new device.

You can read more about BlueMail Security in our recent announcement regarding our Secured Solution.